Corporate Social Responsibility


Today - both people and the environment - make stricter demands that companies must be environmentally sustainable in their production. Right from cradle to grave.
With a focus on environmentally sound choices, we are constantly working towards a more sustainable production that underpins the environmental responsibility of Impulse A/S.


We live in a time of upheaval where there are greater and greater environmental and social challenges worldwide. Those challenges are a global shared responsibility, and therefore it is important for us to make the right and not least important decisions.
Especially when it comes to environmental responsibility, social learning, dialogue and ethical standards. That is why we strive to work in accordance with the 10 guidelines outlined in the UN Global Compact - because we all have a shared responsibility for the past, and a responsibility for the path of development in this changing world.

CSR – BSCI Amfori

At Impulse A/S, we produce the vast majority of our products in the Far East. To become a supplier to Impulse A / S, a minimum of BSCI membership (or equivalent) is required. We build long-term relationships of trust with our suppliers, and we visit our suppliers annually, where we conduct our own research that focuses on CSR, quality, the environment and sustainability.
Impulse A / S requires our suppliers to:
  • protects the internationally declared human rights.
  • supports the eradication of all forms of forced labor.
  • supports the effective abolition of child labor.
  • does not contribute to human rights violations.
We take an active position on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - not only internally, but also in relation to our suppliers. As a natural consequence, Impulse A/S is an active member of BSCI Amfori.

LEG – Legebranchen  

Impulse A/S is an active member of the danish industry association LEG, which is an association of more than 40 danish companies that work professionally to maintain and develop an ethical and responsible toy industry in Denmark.

Toy safety

Toy safety is a priority at Impulse A/S. As a minimum, our toys comply with European and Danish toy legislation. All our toys are thoroughly tested by internationally known test companies such as TUV and SGS, etc.
Our toys are further tested in-house at our office in Hong Kong, where we have many years of experience in toy safety and compliance with the European and Danish safety requirements within toys. In collaboration with the Danish office, we review and archive all the necessary documents and we perform BOM tests, etc.

Packaging principles  

On the vast majority of our products, we use PE and PP plastic instead of PVC. We limit the use of packaging on the products, and we minimize the packaging as much as possible. On the vast majority of products, we use disposal instructions (pictograms) for proper disposal of product and packaging. Before departure from the Far East, we make physical random checks of all batches (Beilstein's tests of the packaging), to ensure that the packaging complies with our packaging principles.

At Impulse A/S, we try harder

The above initiatives, policies and focus areas all contribute to making Impulse A/S a company that focuses on ethics, environmental responsibility, dialogue and social learning. We make an effort and we know we can all do a little extra. That is why there is never a definitive conclusion to our efforts - it is always evolving for the better.